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    CreatorTools is proud to base our products on the structural principles developed by Robert Fritz, which have been proven effective by tens of thousands of people and organizations worldwide to create lasting results. Our flagship app LifeStudio, offers “Creating Your Life,” a three-month video based self-study course with Robert Fritz, which helps you develop the practical skills you need to systematically create the life you want to live.


The LifeStudio App

LifeStudio is subscription based app designed to give you a new and powerful way to organize and achieve your life goals, anything you can think of doing from smaller building or art projects all the way up to large complex business strategies; it can all be planned and tracked using this app. We use a system of goal charting created by best selling author, award winning filmmaker, and business consultant Robert Fritz, who has perfected a unique and effective process over many decades.

With your monthly subscription purchased through the LifeStudio app, you gain access to the “Creating Your Life” course, our powerful charting program to track your goals, and the monthly “Conversations with Robert” webinar series – an opportunity to dialogue directly with Robert Fritz as well as gain insights from fellow subscribers.


Creating Your Life Course

To get the most out of this app, we also offer “Creating Your Life,” a three-month video based self-study course with Robert Fritz that helps you incorporate the principles of structural dynamics into your life. Short daily lessons start you off with easily achievable goals, eventually progressing to more complex and longer-term goals over time. By the end of the course, you should have a complete life plan for the next five years and beyond.This course has evolved over the past 30 years and represents the absolute best way to learn how to create the life you want to live.

Charting Your Goals

The app also offers a method to chart your goals, and the process begins with very simple steps. First, define the goal you want to create and the current circumstances you have in relationship to your goal. Those two critical data points, what you want and what you have now, help you generate a strategic action plan to enable you to reach your goal. Each step in your action plan can be added to your calendar, which then can be synced between your various devices and provides you with convenient reminders. The system is designed to tell you at a moments notice each state of the goal: Green means everything is on track, yellow means you have one or more steps that are late, and red means you are more than a week late with one or more steps.  Looking at a field of red goals? No worries! Just assign new due dates to the steps and you will be back on track.


Conversations with Robert

With your subscription for the course, you also gain access to the monthly live webinar called, “Conversations with Robert,” in which students can interact with course’s creator Robert Fritz. Instructions for joining the call and the recording of the previous conversation can be found in the “Conversations” area of the app, available exclusively to subscribers.

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* The Creating Your Life course requires three months to complete.
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